STEGĂROIU and associates - Law firm

A dynamic team, strengthened in time, formed by professionals with experience in litigation and consultancy, ready to identify the optimal legal solution tailored to our client's needs.

Based on the acquired experience, with imagination and dedication, we are proud to offer personalized attorney services, adapted to the present conditions, continuing a tradition established in 1937 by Professor Constanin C Stegaroiu Phd and later by Professor Dan C. Stegaroiu Phd, who had exercised the attorney profession with pride and dignity, enjoying high reputation and passing on a professional tradition through generations until now.

The commitment and individual involvement of each of the team's members creates the value of our services. Demanding with our selves, we are ensuring the preservation of the values we are committed to - confidentiality, quality, tenacity, creativity – to find the best solution to any legal challenge.

We do believe the attorney profession is a noble profession and it must be exercise so it will not be separated from it's social role, we do believe that most valuable thing in the client-attorney relation is mutual trust and confidentiality and the attorney has to provide his services only in strict compliance with professional ethics, with the law provisions and strictly in the interest of the client.

We have formed a strong team whose members have common aspirations, in order to develop lasting relations with the client, based on honesty and mutual trust, seeking to develop our law firm along with the development of it's clients.