Professional services

Stegaroiu and associates – Law firm groups attorneys with professional experience both in litigations and business consultancy.

The experience gathered (in hundreds of litigation annually in which we represent our clients interests) and also the logistics in place, represent the premise of a team activity aimed to asses with responsibility and professionalism the legal problems of our clients, identifying the best legal solutions, adapted to the individual needs of the client, including the field which require a high specialization and knowledge in particular domains, but also in matters which require a significant work volume.

The representation is mainly ensured for litigation and consultancy in the fields of civil law, administrative contentious law, business law and companies law, labor law, family law, real estate and also in other domains and sub-domains of the law practice.

The interests of the law firm members and their activity include both the classic domains and sub-domains of the law practice but also the new challenges and sub-domains of the law practice which appeared in the context of a modern society and of a legislation in continued changing.

The languages spoken by our attorneys are: Romanian, English, French and Italian.

The professional services are provided as a team effort of the members and in the process of settling the fees STEGAROIU and associates considers the principle of the honest cost of the services provided, in accordance with the principles established in the law on attorney profession, and in correlation with the criteria defining the service provided. The nature of fee is also agreed with the client depending on the client's interest and the characteristics of the service (fix fee, flat fee, hourly rate fee, success fee, etc)